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How exactly does Interro/Omega Acubase/IQS testing work? For
example, how does the Interro test me for wheat?

The physicist who designed the Interro, Omega Acubase & IQS, Dr. Roy Curtain, was able to 'map out' the electromagnetic frequency of wheat and many more foods, inhalants etc. This electrical signature was then translated into digital code so that it could be stored in the software of the computer. When you are being tested for wheat (for example) the Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS converts the digital code of wheat back into its electrical frequency, and a probe sends that frequency of wheat into the acupuncture point on your finger. The frequency then travels along the acupuncture meridian until it reaches the brain. The brain then 'reads' the signal and has the body elicit a skin resistance response, which the probe picks up at the same acupuncture point. The Interro / Omega Acubase /  IQSconverts this skin resistance response into a numerical value which is then recorded and displayed on the monitor. Based on your skin resistance response we can tell if you are perfectly tolerant, mildly, moderately or severely intolerant to wheat or any substance being tested.

How is the Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS different from the regular scratch
test performed by an Allergist?

First of all there's no puncture of the skin. The Interro's / Omega Acubase / IQS probe simply presses against the skin. With a scratch test, the Allergist is measuring a histamine response by the person. The Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS system measures histamine as well as non-histamine responses. This is especially important when it comes to testing foods, as a great deal of reactions are non-histamine responses (tiredness, bloating, headaches, mood changes etc.) and often do not get picked up on a scratch test. Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS is therefore ideal for testing food sensitivities.

Are there any side effects from Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS testing?
Not really, as there is no substance being injected into the body, only frequencies entering the acupuncture point. There are few people who feel a bit fatigued afterwards.

Do I need to prepare in any way before being
tested with the Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS?

There is no preparation at all. One can eat and drink as usual. Right before being tested, you will be asked to remove metal & precious jewellery, watches, keys, coins, pagers, cell phone etc., as sometimes these items can interfere with the testing.

Can all ages be tested?
Yes, all ages can be tested. Small infants can even be tested, usually through a surrogate such as their mother or father. For the younger clients we have a DVD & VHS set up, so they can watch their favourite video. We have some videos on hand, or they can bring their own video.

Can you be tested if you are pregnant?
Yes you can. Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS testing is perfectly safe for mother and baby.

Is Interro / Omega Acubase / IQS testing accurate?
 Interro's / Omega Acubase / IQStesting is approximately 85% accurate.  Interro's / Omega Acubase / IQStesting is most accurate when testing foods that you eat frequently, and testing substances that you have been recently exposed to. It is also important to have a properly trained technician testing you, as  Interro's / Omega Acubase / IQStesting (and all E.A.V. testing for that matter) is very operator dependant. All technicians at Red Paw Data Services Ltd. are exceptionally well trained, and are more skilled than any other technician operating an electro-dermal screening instrument. This is because all Red Paw technicians receive in depth and rigorous training for several months (standard training at other facilities is one week long) by Alice Korman, who is one of the most experienced E.D.S. operators in Canada.

Why the name Red Paw?
Red Paw is the name of Alice Korman's  ginger tabby cat, whose health, by the way, benefited greatly from Interro testing, and whose diabetes had gone into remission with the aid of homeopathic remedies chosen with help of the Interro. Unfortunately Red Paw passed away in November2003 at the age of 16.

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