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Computerized Electrodermal Screening

Allergies / Sensitivities


In this method we do a non-invasive test to detect allergies and sensitivities through measuring skin conductivity changes in response to various stimuli.

Viruses, parasites and candidiasis


We utilizes computerized electrodermal screening to identify viruses, parasites, and candidiasis by analyzing skin conductivity responses.

Enzyme Deficiencies


We are specialized in identifying enzyme deficiencies using advanced skin conductivity analysis techniques.

Who We Are

About Us

Red Paw Health Services first opened it’s doors in October of 1990. Alice D. Korman, it’s director and founder, wanted to establish a computerized electrodermal screening facility that could provide quality testing to patients of healthcare professionals and to the general public. Before this time there was no such service in Ontario.
Alice Korman has taken advanced training in California and Utah, from the physicist and engineers who designed the system.

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What We Provide

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Reliable screening by expert technicians.

Food Sensitivity Work-up

(Aged 12 years and under)
Food Sensitivity Work-up (150 Items)
Items include grains, all common fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts, meats and food additives. Full List ↴

Children's A.D.H.D. Package

+ Neurotransmitter Deficiencies + Candida Screen 1 + Nutritional Deficiencies

Adult Packages

Food Sensitivity Work-up (331 Items)
Items include all common foods: grains, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts and seeds, meats and food additives. Full List ↴

Environmental-inhalant Sensitivity Work-up

$75.00 116 common environmental items tested, including dog and cat hair, house dust, dust mites, insects, tree, grass and weed pollens and various moulds. Full List ↴

Moulds & Fungus Inner Body

$65.00 This test will show what specific mould/fungus is in your body. There are 80 moulds/fungi tested. Full List ↴

Chemical Sensitivity Work-up

$50.00 56 common chemical items tested, including acetone, chlorine, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, polyester etc. Full List ↴

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We provide your health care professionals as well as the general public with a safe, accurate and cost effective method to identify routine ailments as well as hard to detect causes of illness. Do you or someone you know suffer from such common problems as fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal distress (constipation, bloating, diarrhea), eczema, hyperactivity, depression, asthma, frequent colds, allergies etc.?

We can help.

We use a computerized electrodermal screening instrument, the IQS system, which is non-invasive (no needles are used) as a way of identifying any health problem you may have, from a food sensitivity to a nutritional deficiency.

What We Provide

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